Icebug Xperience

We discovered a major thing back in 2001:
It’s much more fun to go outside when you have great traction.
Since then, our only mission is to inspire people to go outdoors. To do this, we make a series of events where people can meet and do the things they love, together with the people they love. We do it year-around, in all kind of terrains and surroundings, to introduce people to the beauty of the seasons and to show them what Icebug is all about.

We call it Icebug Xperience.

Global Relations

"Be the change you want to see in the World"

Global Relations är en ideell förening som driver utvecklingsprojekt i östafrika. Syftet är att hjälpa utsatta personer till en ljusare framtid med hjälp av utbildning. Bland annat har vi byggt, startat och nu driver Kenswed Academy, en gymnasieskola för fattiga ungdomar med nästan 300 elever!

Kafferostare Per Nordby

Kafferostare Per Nordby is a speciality coffee roastery in Göteborg, Sweden. I love tasty coffee and want you to enjoy every single cup of it too.

I buy coffee from people I know and trust, who share a passion for great coffee with me. I know the taste can tell you a story about the coffee and where it comes from. I also believe it is evident from the taste, that the people behind it take pride in producing it for us.

I source green coffee from origin partners that farm and process their own coffee. A direct trade relation with the producers I work with is important: it helps ensure I get the high quality I seek and helps them ensure their product ends up in a good place. Together, we build a trade that is mutually beneficial and is based on personal relations. This provides a basis for a long term partnership that we can grow together. This type of transparent trade gives me insight into the social and environmental aspects of coffee production, leading to a possibility of engaging with enacting positive changes. Because I visit the producers, they sometimes visit me. In this way, we can learn from each other and provide you with an overall better coffee experience.

Kenenisa Bekele Education

Kenenisa Bekele Education är ett skolprojekt i Etiopien. Tillsammans med den framgångsrika löparen Kenenisa Bekele ska det möjliggöras att fler ungdomar får en utbildning. Just nu pågår arbetet med att starta upp en skola i huvudstaden Adis Abeba.

Projektet drivs av Global Relations och huvudfinansiärer är Zelmerlöw & Björkman Foundation. Men på grund av ett undantagstillstånd i landet har inte arbetet gått i den takt vi önskat. Vi väntar i dagsläget på klartecken på den 3 hektar mark som skolan ska byggas på. Under tiden har det tagits ett symboliskt första spadtag!